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Technology is getting better and better day by day, and so as in case of automobile. Few years back we have 2-stroke engine but it could not give us better performance in case of speed, efficiency and structure. This leads to the invention of 4-stroke engines with gives us better performance in speed, structure and efficiency. As we own a vehicle and certain times it needs to be serviced and better repaired. "Chhote Lal Auto Workshop" is a place where you can take both your 2-stroke & 4-stroke vehicles which will be under guidance of experienced and skilled mechanical workers and your vehicles will run smooth and care free.We are a 25 years old and one of the oldest auto garage in Bokaro Steel City. Mr. Chhote Lal, owner of this workshop has gained huge popularity and goodwill for his hard work, dedication and keen sense of two-wheeler trouble-shooting skills.So, don't take your vehicle in your mind let "Chhote Lal Auto Workshop" do this for you.

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